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ViewTrakr, The Network Building Game, introduces a brand new technology that tracks the ripple effect from your every move to the ends of cyberspace. This creates a wave we call your network.

Your network becomes your real estate and sharing videos becomes your commodity.


As your network expands and more videos get watched you earn more and more CybrCoin.


 It pays to share on your Viewtrakr Network

Views transform into Wave-Score. Wave-Score transforms into CybrCoin, CybrCoin transforms into E-Gift Card Rewards! 

E.G. Coin

5000 CybrCoin wins E-Gifts

Every time your CybrCoin increses by 5000 you win E-Gifts. And with each new increase of 5000 you get a raise!
So the longer you stay in the game, the more valuable your CybrCoin becomes.

Network Views

We track views on videos shared from your network, to the ends of Cyberspace. 


Your worldwide viewing audience creates a ripple statistic for you, called Wave-Score.


Everytime your Wave-Score Increases by 1000, you earn CybrCoin.


Reach 5000 Cybrcoin and start winning E-Gifts.


E-Gift Rewards

Winners choose their favorite places to shop and how much they want to spend there.
ViewTrakr delivers the E-Gift Cards to their inbox.

Choose from over 50 online shops in the ViewTrakr shopping mall.

  • I started playing ViewTrakr 6 weeks ago and I just bought an iPad with my E-Gifts. This can’t be real! 

    Albert Whitman via Facebook
  • I’m blown away by this technology and the rewarding gamification. Congratulations ViewTrakr you’ve done it!

    Rolando Moreno Mexico Team Leader
  • My team’s having a blast AND we’re paying our cell phone bills with our E-Gifts. Thanks, ViewTrakr! 

    Kathy Keen via Twitter
  • Two big thumbs up to ViewTrakr for this amazing technology build. There’s nothing like it!

    Kelei Taylor via Twitter
  • These E-Gifts are an incredible incentive. I’m spending all my spare time playing ViewTrakr. Who wouldn’t? 

    Istvan Szurkos Sweden Team Leader

Achieve Active Status

Once you've accepted a ViewTrakr friend request, complete the 3 simple steps to get Active and start competing.

Step 01

Step 01

Complete Profile with display name and Flag
Step 02

Step 02

Score 500 Personal Views
Step 03

Step 03

step 3 - Get 1 ViewTrakr friend request accepted
Step 01

Step 01

Complete Profile with display name and Flag
Step 02

Step 02

Score 500 Personal Views
Step 03

Step 03

step 3 - Get 1 ViewTrakr friend request accepted

Elite Status

Once you Get Active It's time to start competing! Now The faster you advance in Status the further you stay ahead of the competition. Advance to Status: V2 and start winning E-Gifts -- guaranteed..

Status: Active
Status: V2
Status: Alpha
Status: V1
Status: V3
Status: Omega

Play ViewTrakr

Accept a ViewTrakr friend request or Click "Join The Game" on any friends Viewtrakr page. You can complete your profile in seconds, and start scoring views immediately by watching and sharing videos on your very own fully customizable Viewtrakr web pages. And ViewTrakr is always free to play.

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